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Sep 24, 2020

---Today's episode is a little taste of what GrowPass Members get each week- an ad-free Member Podcast! To gain access to all of the archived episodes of GrowCast along with the Member Podcast, and ad-free episodes of GrowCast and Homegrown Helpers as they release- make sure to visit and sign up before registration ends!---

Today's Member Podcast episode features the great Rhizo Rich from Illinois Cannabis Consulting, and he joins the show to talk about early-stage care for cannabis seedlings and clones. Rich talks about the many ways you can pop seeds and take cuttings, and discusses which ones he thinks are easiest and most effective. He stresses not overfeeding too early especially in synthetic, but also making sure your organic soil isn't too hot either. The guys also discuss "optimal" temperature and humidity, discussing how low temp grows often trade a little bit of quantity for increased quality.