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Sep 29, 2019

Dr. Coco from the ever popular cannabis community is on the line to discuss the science of harvesting cannabis. Dr. Coco gives some great insight into what is happening the cannabis plant during the late stages of flower, and sheds some light on the science (or lack of) behind the pre harvest flush. Dr. Coco then goes on to talk about timing harvest, and extrapolates on the science of aging trichomes. The conversation then heads towards cannabinoid profiles, and how different desirable cannabinoids come from the same precursors. He also talks about the degradation of cannabinoids, and the timeline that all of this takes place in during late flower. Dr. Coco also shares his thoughts on pre harvest stressors like darkness, starvation, and cold shock. Jordan and Dr. Coco wrap up the show by discussing different genetic responses that certain cannabis strains have, and different ways that cannabinoid profiles can change even after harvest time. Visit to find out more about Dr. Coco, and all things growing! Also check out their upcoming new years grow challenge!

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