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Feb 12, 2021

Great friend of the show and prolific breeder Brett from Heart and Soil Project is back on the podcast! Today he's dropping by to give us a full-blown preview of his incredible Afghani line. Brett runs down the entire list of crosses he's releasing, and he also goes in-depth about the Afghani heirloom itself, what he selected for, and what traits it displayed. He goes on to share his thoughts on landrace varieties' biggest strengths, and what he looks for when on the hunt for the next landrace to cross. Brett also talks about breeding with intention, and makes an interesting point in that no matter what your values are as a breeder or grower, you are technically always judging by your own palette- your own preferences and likes. Brett wraps up the show by talking about popping seeds, and gives a very interesting overview of his views and practices on seed germination.

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