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Apr 16, 2021

Show favorite and Queen of the GrowCast Grower's Chat Marybeth Sanchez returns to the podcast for a heavy metal exploration! Jordan and Marybeth talk about where these metals come from and how they accumulate in the cannabis garden, which is crucial to understand for those looking after their own health- and especially those looking to past cannabis testing! Marybeth discusses the types of inputs that can contain heavy metals, giving a nod to synthetic nutrients for their uniformity, sterility, and rigorous testing (though they of course carry their own input issues). Marybeth of course recommends large amounts of humic acid in the cannabis garden, which is effective in tying up a wide variety of harmful compounds from chlorine and chloramines all the way up to mercury and other heavy metals. Jordan and Marybeth wrap the show by talking about some interesting recent environmental stories, including the recent news articles about a "forever chemical" contaminant, as well as a story about a neighborhood built atop a massive gypsum mine.

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