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Dec 22, 2019

Ali from Bee Nails and Leafy CBD is on the line to talk about vaporization technology, the future of CBD flower, and more. Ali talks about why he decided to pursue his two large scale cannabis businesses, and why he's so passionate about the space. The conversation turns towards CBD hemp flower and Ali gives his thoughts on the current state of the market, product quality, and what the future holds for this niche side of the industry. This leads to a discussion about fake cannabis products - like Spice and K2 - and Ali questions whether or not synthetic cannabinoids will even be desirable once high quality hemp flower is available nationwide. The topic then shifts to vaporization and the recent vape controversy, and the guys talk about whether or not there will be a push towards vaporizing concentrate again, so consumers don't have to worry as much about things like cutting with vitamin e acetate. The guys wrap up the show by discussing their personal experiences when vaping versus smoking, and how it affects Ali's MMA training.

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