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Aug 27, 2020

World class organic grower and creator if Rhizo Rich is back on the program for an in depth strain review episode- this time focused on high yielding strains! Rhizo rich gives an in depth review of several strains from his last run, starting with the 10th Planet by Ethos. With dark foliage and an epic grape profile, the 10th Planet landed itself at the top of Rich's list. He also discusses the Lilac Diamond by Ethos, which had an incredible yield, and Jordan shares his experience with smoking the fine and unique strain. Rich also discusses the strain he's run longer than any other, an oregon huckleberry x headband cross that yield massive dark purple buds. Jordan also talks about one of his current strains he's about to take down, Grand Caper by Purple Caper, citing that even with cold temps and sub par lighting, this strain throws large chunky buds that look and smell incredible!

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