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Jan 9, 2020

Rhizo Rich from the newly launched joins the show to discuss the disastrous launch of recreational cannabis in the state of Illinois, and how he plans to help IL residents grow their own medicine at home. Rich and Jordan discuss some of the horror stories around the dispensaries in Illinois, highlighting the important of growing your own medicine. Then Rich talks about the most common consultation work he's done so far, much of which has to do with helping people choose the correct gear for their needs when setting up a grow. This leads to a conversation about lighting and grow bulbs, emphasizing the differences in cheap bulbs vs expensive bulbs in different HID systems. Rich also gives his thoughts on LEDs, which clearly have an increasingly large foothold in home grow scenarios. Rich wraps up the show by talking about diagnosing plant issues, and the humorous tendency of some growers to over react to every action the plant takes.

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