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Aug 1, 2019

Long time cannabis cultivator, and moderator of the Cannabis Growers Resource Group, ClosetNinja is on the line to discuss the top troubleshooting issues that growers in his forum face, and the best practices for overcoming those problems. The conversation starts with an all time classic grower request: How can I increase my plant's yield? Jordan and ClosetNinja do a full A-Z yield deep dive, and cover many different contributing factors like avoiding shocking your plants, proper heavy pruning, supporting your plants before it's too late, and VPD. The guys also give out their favorite go-to products for increasing overall yield. Then ClosetNinja turns the conversation towards sexing, and Jordan gives him his lay estimation of the difference between growing from seeds vs clones. ClosetNinja then presents Jordan with his best practices when sexing new cannabis plants, and they also give their opinions on the concept of genetic drift. The guys wrap up the show talking about all things pest management, including IPM concepts, alternating sprays, the importance of using soap, and their favorite pest control products.

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