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Jul 1, 2020

Co-creators of The GrowPass Membership Program Rob Smith and Jordan River are together again for a very special simulcast to talk about Jordan's new grow set up, and to celebrate the July 1st 2020 GrowPass $6K Giveaway Drawing. Jordan and Rob talk about how proud they are of the podcast's evolution, and how the membership program has taken on a life of it's and is changing grower's lives for the better. The guys talk about the $6K Giveaway that went down for members today, which leads to a discussion about a few different grow brands that the GrowCast crew has dabbled with. Then the conversation turns towards Jordan's return to growing, and his excitement over switching from traditional bottled nutrients to an organic living soil. Jordan talks about how easy it has been when it comes to nutrient application, but also shares his newfound struggles as a part time basement hobby grower. The guys also talk about some of the best advice that's been given on GrowCast and HomeGrown Helpers, and Rob asks Jordan some of the flagship HGH questions, including what he thinks are the most important character traits for a grower to posses- and Jordan puts a special emphasis on the trait of curiosity.

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