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Jul 21, 2019

JD Short from Second Generation Genetics is on the line to talk about landrace strains, the genetic gene pool of cannabis, and his contributions to it. JD shares some of his favorite strains and what he likes about them, along with some of their more unique tendencies and attributes. He also discusses "origins" of strains, and how the spread of cannabis genetics results in most of today's strains originating from the modern day country of "closet-stan." JD then tells a poignant story about Acapulco Gold, and what he believes befell the once popular strain- and probably many of the old time favorites. Jordan and JD also touch on cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, the lack of research around it, and their admittedly uneducated theories surrounding the condition.

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---Today's show is brought to you by promo code growcast for free shipping and members get exclusive 10% off sitewide! Find JD's work at today---