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Dec 11, 2019

Dr. Coco returns to the podcast, this time to discuss a list of grower FAQs, and promote his upcoming New Years Grow Challenge starting Jan 1st at ! Tune in to hear Dr. Coco break down some of the most common topics in growing. He begins by extrapolating on the differences between photo period plants and autoflower plants, and weighs the positives and negatives of each. He also gives his opinion on the future of cannabis genetics, and whether or not autoflowers will play a big role. The conversation then turns towards light cycles, and how different plants- including cannabis- react to 24 hours of non stop light. Dr. Coco explains why it's important for photo period plants to have a dark period in the veg phase, and also makes an argument against 24 hour light cycles for autoflowering plants. Dr. Coco wraps the show by teasing the subject of the next FAQ episode; diagnosing and troubleshooting plant symptoms!

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