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Jun 14, 2020

Long time medical cannabis advocate and family medicine practitioner Dr. Jean Tallyrand joins the program to discuss the current state of medical marijuana research in California. Dr. Jean debriefs the audience on his decades long involvement with medical cannabis, and talks about the vast difference in views on medicine when it comes to east coast USA versus the west coast. Dr. Jean discusses some of the cutting edge research surrounding medical cannabis, particularly CBD. He explains that CBDa may be more bioavailable than orginaly thought and therefore could be the most desirable medical cannabinoid moving forward. Jean also answers a question about cancer and angiogenesis, and discusses what we know about medical marijuana's affect on cancer- specifically emphasizing the need for further and deeper research. Dr. Tallyrand wraps the show by talking about his involvement educating patients with the Rooted Lyfe team, and encourages first time CBD users to educate themselves as much as they can!

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