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Mar 1, 2021

Great friend of the show and prolific breeder the one and only Maddfarmer is back! Maddfarmer gives an update on all of his breeding work, and finally reveals the big news he's been teasing for so long- his move to Oklahoma! Madd talks about what's happening on the west coast- specifically with the cannabis industry- that drove him to decide to up and move his entire operation to Oklahoma. Maddfarmer also discusses what lines he's been working with and what he's got cooking up for the next big release. He also teases that you'll be able to find Maddfarmer genetics in Oklahoma retail shops soon enough! Madd wraps up the show by discussing medicinal strains, and why he focuses so much on buds that are not only flavorful and potent, but provide the healing relief that so many of Madd's customers- and he himself, seek.

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