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Apr 9, 2020

Tommy Fox from Fish Head Farms creator of Fish Sh!t joins the program to talk about his journey from a grower to ganjapreneur. Tom talks about his early days as an underground east coast grower, and how he moved into consultation work as soon as medical legalization came online on the east coast- which in some states is earlier than people may think. Tommy talks about some of the talented grow operations he's seen on the east coast, and also shares what he thinks are some of the biggest struggles growers face. He then talks about the creation of his company Fish Head Farms, and his flagship product Fish Sh!t- Tom goes into detail into the hard work it took to take his small operation nationwide, and now he is seeing real success with his effective product that growers love. Tom talks about his work in Oklahoma, and discusses the positive and negative aspects of the developing cannabis culture in OK. Make sure to stay tuned to the end of the episode for a special offer from Fish Sh!t just for GrowCast Listeners!!!

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