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Oct 9, 2023

Nik from Rooted Leaf (use code GROWCAST) is back on the line to wrap up the soil nutrient elements in our Nutrient Deep Dive series! Nik catches us up with a quick recap and then dives into a few of the most important micronutrients, or the nutrients that are required in very small quantities. Nik talks about what those nutrient ratios should look like, and how minerals like Potassium will be needed in vastly greater quantities than the micronutrients we discuss today. Silica is first up, as Nik explains how it plays into cell structure and more. This leads to a conversation about Boron, and what causes plants to develop hollow stems. Iron and Manganese are next on the list, and Nik tells us what we need to do to ensure that these minerals are not only present, but also available in solution- highlighting the importance of proper PH, and understanding how nutrients antagonize one another.

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