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Sep 20, 2020

Show favorite Doctor Jason Lupoi from Terpenes and Testing Magazine and author of The Cananbis Terpene Experience (available now on Amazon) joins the program for another terpene deep dive! Jason talks about the research that he's currently immersing himself in, and how his overall philosophy of terpenes and plant compounds in general is constantly changing and evolving. Jason then goes into an exploration of a few lesser known terpenes, and divulges some very extraordinary characteristics of these very ordinary compounds. Doctor Lupoi also discusses what growers can do as far as incresing- or more important preserving- terpene content on their own crops. Doctor Lupoi wraps up the show by discussing what research he is turning his attention towards for the future, and what is next for all his publications including his book The Cannabis Terpene Experience, and Terpenes and Testing Magazine.

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