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Jan 9, 2023

We are starting a whole new episode series about plant nutrition! Nik from Rooted Leaf (use code growcast) is back on the show to explore minerals individually- starting with nitrogen! Nik explains how complex the many roles that nitrogen plays actually are, while emphasizing that 80% of your nitrogen goes towards a few primary processes. This leads to a conversation about the rubisco enzyme, and how nitrogen plays into photosynthesis and energy production. Nik also explains how nitrogen deficiency and toxicity work, and how too high levels of nitrogen can lead to nutrient burn. This leads to a conversation about how nitrogen moves throughout media and throughout nature- and how it acts when we water to runoff. Nik extrapolates on the difference in nitrogen needs between the vegetative stage and the flowering stage, and how the balance of nitrogen in the bloom cycle is extremely delicate... Stay tuned for more mineral deep dives with Nik coming to this feed soon!

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