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Oct 15, 2020

Show favorite and creator of Doctor Coco is back on the line… Make sure to join the GrowCast Grower’s Chat so you can chat with Doctor Coco himself every Sunday at Noon Pacific! Today Doctor Coco discusses the practice of using bottled organic inputs and microbial additives in a cultivation setup with coco used as the medium. Doctor Coco talks about the microbial/fungal colony retention capabilities of coco, and talks about when it would and wouldn’t make sense to add specific products. Doctor Coco talks about his light testing projects, which leads to a larger conversation about how plants absorb lights, and whether or not supplemental side or under-lighting in a grow space would be beneficial. He also talks about how photons act in the grow room, including how they change as they travel through space, and what happens when they hit plant surfaces at an angle and possibly skip off the leaf like a stone skipping on water. Make sure to visit to sign up for the next grow challenge!

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