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Apr 15, 2020

Suzanne Wainwright-Evans AKA The Bug Lady from Bug Lady Consulting is on the shows to discuss all things bugs. Suzanne gives a background on herself and her passion for entomology, and she also shares what brought her into the world of cannabis. Suzanne talks about cannabis specific pests including the cannabis aphid, and what growers should be focusing on when it comes to IPM. She goes on to talk about pesticide sprays, and when she thinks they should and shouldn't be used. Suzanne also discusses growing practices and pest control, and shares her thoughts on organic vs synthetic, citing that most of her consultation work is done on living grows. Suzanne shares some misconceptions that she sees in the grow world, and emphasizes the need for more hard scientific data to support findings claimed by many cultivators. You can find out more about Suzanne by visiting Bug Lady Consulting.

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