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Feb 19, 2021

Good friend of GrowCast and creator of Queen of the Sun Consulting Alexandria is back on the show for a classic growchat episode covering a range of topics! The Queen gives an update on her farm and what's been happening in the California cannabis scene, which leads to a conversation about starting seeds for full term outdoor runs. The conversation turns towards her new experiments on her farm which includes trying to grow the largest plants she's ever grown using a regenerative in ground planting method. Then Jordan and Alexandria discuss the very hot topic that is known as PGRs- plant growth regulators. Queen explains the misuse of the term, expounding upon some of the common PGRs we encounter in our gardens every day- while also emphasizing the real dangers of some of the harmful, chemical, synthetically produced PGRs found in grow products that are actually being banned more and more. is offering 5% off for my listeners only until the end of Feb! Use code growcast at and save 5% off your entire order like their Blumat auto watering system!---

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