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Jan 15, 2024

Nik from Rooted Leaf Nutrients (use code GROWCAST) is back on the show to continue our nutrient deep dive series! This time we take a step away from soil fertilizer elements and instead discuss PH, EH, and nutrient uptake. Nik talks about what PH is (potential of hydrogen) and why the amount of hydrogen can be used to deduce how available nutrients will be in the solution. Nik talks about the donation of hydrogen atoms and how chelation works inside a solution- highlighting that these availability processes take place totally independently of each other. This leads to conversation about EH, and Nik talks about the redox cycle as well as how oxygenation plays a role in plant health. Nik ties it all together back to photosynthesis and nutrient availability as a whole, and emphasizes how PH is NOT the only determining factor in nutrient availability, just one among other factors that may even be more important in certain scenarios...

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