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Sep 18, 2019

Phylos Labs is a cannabis biotech company specializing in genetic mapping and research that underwent a controversial scandal earlier this year. In this first part of the exploration of the Phylos controversy, recorded days after the scandal broke, you can hear Benjamin Adams from Phylos join Jordan on air to talk about the conception of the cannabis genome project and Phylos, the services his company offers like genetic mapping, sex testing, and the future of his company. Then Benjamin directly addresses the controversy of Phylos entering the breeding space, and the various "misunderstandings" he believes people are having. Benjamin remains steadfast that Phylos' intentions are pure, and they still hold true to the core values that they were founded upon. Stay tuned for part two of GrowCast's exploration where we explore the opposition to Phylos so you can have the full scope of the story and draw your own conclusions.

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