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Jul 8, 2024

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Dr. Coco returns to the show after a long hiatus- and boy does he have some great stories to tell! Coco catches us up on his recent travels, and his consult work with large scale commercial operations. He tells a story of a client who was dealing with sick plants, and the diagnosis rabbit hole leads down a variety of educational topics. First Dr. Coco discusses the importance of oxygen in water, and how many growers aren't incorporating oxygen into their feed even though they should be- even if it's just a simple shake of the watering can. He also talks about water temperature and why cool water holds more oxygen than hot water. The goose chase then led Coco to discover what appeared to be rice root aphids in the medium- this transitions into a discussion about biological applications, and translating the often obscure application rates to something that makes sense in a canna grow environment.

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