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Dec 15, 2019

Jackee and Rich from CROP (Cannabis Removal from Public Land) are on the show to talk about the astounding amount of trespass grows operating in California, and what impacts they have on the environment and the industry. Rich begins by discussing just how much of California is considered public land (over 50%) and why it's so enticing for criminal organizations to operate this way. He explains that much of the cannabis grown illegally in California supplies the rest of the nation, especially where cannabis use and cultivation is heavily punished. Then the conversation turns towards the environment, and Jackee shares some astounding insights about the way these illegal grows operate, and their affects on the surrounding environment. She gives out some frightening statistics when it comes to how much of the water coming from this public land is polluted with incredibly dangerous pesticides- the same exact compounds that are also being found highly concentrated in birds and other wildlife. Our guests round out the show by talking about possible solutions and ways forward- and what their operating procedure is when they try to remove these clandestine operations. Visit to find out more.

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