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Nov 8, 2020

***Exclusive MIGRO Light discount for GrowCast listeners only! Use code growcast at and save 5% on your entire MIGRO order- the only code around for the powerful MIGRO LEDs! Thank you Shane and MIGRO!*** GrowCast fan favorite Shane from MIGRO returns to the podcast to talk about a recent project he did where he created two comprehensive ranking lists for various LED lights- one list for purchase price versus performance, and another for 2 year overall price. Shane talks about the new bar style lights coming out of China, and how even the cheap ones seem to be performing quite well. However, Shane and Jordan emphasize that price point is not the only thing to consider, and Shane talks about build quality, driver placement, component sourcing, and more. Shane also discusses what he thinks of non bar style circuit board units, and what he predicts the future for LEDs will hold.

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