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May 21, 2021

The great and powerful Queen of the Sun is back on GrowCast! Today she's on the line to discuss the unspoken macronutrients that are carbon and oxygen, revegging techniques, and more! Queen talks about taking clones late in flower, resulting in a monster cropping technique, and talks about how useful it can be to hang on to some genetics at the last moment. She also talks about keeping her success rate high with these finicky cuts by using her turbo charged cloning blend. Jordan and Queen talk about the recovery time it takes for plants to reveg, and whether or not it's worth your time depending on your particular garden goals. Queen of the Sun also discusses the incredibly power of catalyzing enzymes, throwing it all the way back to her first appearance and recapping some super charged enzyme products that she utilizes in her garden! Make sure to follow her on IG @queenofthesungrown for more info on all of The Queen's work!

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