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Nov 27, 2019

Eric Robichaud from Green Goddess Supply and creator of the self contained home grow system "The Armoire" joins the show to discuss the ever changing world of home growing. Eric shares what inspired him to create The Armoire, and tells us why he chose the growing methods that he did- such as using a supersoil medium, multi spectrum light system, and autoflowering genetics. Eric goes on to share how he hopes systems like these will revolutionize home growing, and truly allow people to overgrow the nation. The conversation then turns towards east coast cannabis and the changing legislation, and Eric explains why he thinks it's so incredibly crucial to both protect the right of home cannabis growers, and also empower and educate them in order to enable them to grow top shelf medicine at home. Eric also discusses the hurdles he's faced in creating Green Goddess Supply, and gives out his best advice for anyone who is considering entering the cannabis industry as a ganjapreneur, or otherwise.

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