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Jul 12, 2021

*GrowCast is coming to Sacramento, CA, July 31st... Come say high :D visit for info*

From Environmental Soil Solutions we have the man known as SoilGuru joining us on the program today! SoilGuru- as a first time GrowCast guest- gives us a rundown of his personal history both inside and outside the cannabis space, and tells us the story of his incredibly diverse and unique career path. SoilGuru discusses the creation of his Environmental Soil Solutions blends, and why he believes that he's creating the optimum blend for cannabis growers looking to cultivate clean medicine. You know he has thoughts on rice hulls versus perlite, and he discusses some fascinating takes on that ongoing battle. SoilGuru also shares some of the life lessons he's learned from building a cannabis business, working for large corporations, raising a family, and playing a life time of team sports.

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