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Aug 15, 2022

The great and powerful Rhizo Rich is back on the podcast- having just dug himself from the grave after a bout with the kahuna virus, the Rhino returns! Today Jordan and Rich do a couple deep dive reviews into recent strains that they've cultivated. From the doughy, sweet and syrupy Pancakes that Rhizo Rich just did an open pollination with, to the Hawaiian cultivars that Jordan just took down. Rich also discusses more about the GAWD cut that he was super impressed with during his pheno hunt, and how he will almost certainly be working with that female in the future. Jordan talks about the Molokai Citrus Kush and how impressed he was with the exotic yet non traditional tropical terpenes that were expressed- this leads to a conversation about heavy feeding cultivars, and how to keep up with those monster eaters in your grow tent!

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