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Feb 12, 2024

Good friends of the show but first time GrowCast guests Pharrmerjohn and Terp Burper from Pharmer's Phenos joins us for a show all about their amazing lineup of strains! John shares the story of how he grew his legendary collection of strains over time, and what prompted him to start Pharmer's Phenos with the help of Terp Burper. They describe some of their favorite strains from the lineup, the amazing aromas and flavors they produce, and how they grow. The boys also talk about how to fill out a stable of genetics with a wide variety of flavors, and different morphologies for different types of growers. The conversation turns to HLVD and how to avoid the pesky viroid- as well as Pharmers Phenos best practices when it comes to taking healthy and vigorous cuttings from vegging plants.

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