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Oct 3, 2019

Chief Science Officer at EVIO Labs Anthony Smith returns to the podcast to share his thoughts about the recent controversy surrounding health issues induced from cannabis vape cartridges. Anthony shares what his lab has experienced from extensive product testing, and points directly to harmful and irresponsible additive use by the product manufacturers. Then Anthony extrapolates on the extreme dangers of the most recent target of the vape investigation- vitamin E acetate. He also proposes a theory that more MCT oil is being used to dilute cartridges (also extremely dangerous) because it's perceived as more "natural" than other more traditional dilutants like propylene glycol. Anthony wraps up the show by explaining how his company, EVIO Labs, is currently developing a simple testing protocol for vitamin E acetate, and how this may even eventually lead to a consumer test that vapers can check their products with before consuming. You can visit to find out more!

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