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Sep 26, 2022

Rhizo Rich is back again! Today we get an update on The Rhino's health and where he is at with his breeding work. Jordan and Rhizo talk about the state of the cannabis community as a whole, how it's intertwined with social media and Instagram specifically, and how the dilution of those platforms with scammers and bots is ruining both the social media experience and the ability for the cannabis community to interact. Rhizo also talks about his impersonator, and how they're still running a giveaway scam. This leads to a discussion about a recent breeder controversy, and brings up the question of whether or not it's moral for ex law enforcement to work within the industry. Rhizo also of course gives some detailed updates on the work he's doing, including some new strain reviews, an upcoming clone drop, and he even teases the next pollination from GrowCast Seed Co, which you may not expect...

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