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Jan 8, 2024

The wave of cannabis patents ARE COMING! Today we have a brand new guest Caleb from Copyleft Cultivars- he joins us with mutual friend Steve Raisner to talk about the implications of patenting cannabis genetics. Copyleft explains his mission of open sourcing as many genetics as possible, while also building an open to anyone cannabis genome galaxy. Caleb highlights the difference between his project and other similar projects in the past- and how he is looking to reshape patent law both inside AND outside of cannabis. This leads to a conversation about patent trolls- people who engage in lawsuits around budding new industries and use lawsuits over intellectual property as extortion to get paid off. These groups are incredibly harmful to a variety of industries and cannabis is RIPE for this type of legal attack- which is why it's so important to open source our genetics. Caleb and Steve wrap the show by showcasing their new Natural Farming AI Bot that will produce answers and solutions to garden problems using natural farming inputs.

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