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Jul 18, 2022

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Alexandria Irons is back on the line! Fan favorite Queen of the Sungrown is on the podcast again for an entertaining and informative episode about biochar, microbes, heavy metals and more. Queen and Jordan talk about the presence of heavy metals in cannabis gardens- where we have to be careful of how cannabis can act as a bio accumulator and store these elements that are toxic to humans. Alexandria explains how they are both found naturally in the Earth's crust, and also find their way into our soil through the inputs we use. This leads to a conversation about sea products, and how they are often contaminated with high levels of heavy metal- though not always. Jordan and Queen go on to talk about bio-char, and how useful biochar can be in a system where you're establishing and regenerating soil for long term use. This leads to a broader conversation about creating an in ground permaculture type grow, and how some theorize the Amazon Rainforest may have been a permaculture planted by indigenous peoples local to the area from the past. The duo also discuss their upcoming grow classes, where they cover so much of this info and more, make sure to visit to see where we will be next!

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