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Sep 25, 2023

Our good friend Chitown Canna Chica is back on the program for the first time in while- and she has plenty of updates to share! Canna Chica talks about what she has been up to since last we spoke, and how many different strains she's gone through in the mean time. She talks about some of the standout strains that she has worked with in recent memory, and breaks down some of their flavor profiles and growth habits. This leads to a conversation about a special cut that got mauled by a rabbit that had intruded in her indoor grow space... Remember that pests can come in many shapes and sizes :D Chitown wraps the show by talking about her growing style, how she likes to switch up different nutrient regimens, and how she also likes to bring plants from outside into her grow room during certain parts of the year... She also talks about the experiments she's done with electroculture, and how it's a fun addition because it couldn't really hurt to try!

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