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Jul 27, 2021

Long time expert organic cultivator, and GrowCast Team Member Rhizo Rich is back for another GrowCast episode! Today's show is unique in that Jordan and Rich explore some of the most notorious "gray areas" of the cannabis community, from common etiquette between cannabis breeders, to how many growers view the act...

Jul 26, 2021

GrowCast is coming to NorCal!

Sacramento CA, Saturday July 31st
Noon to 4pm
Visit for info
(Directions go out via email on Monday the 26th)

And Now...

Redding CA, Sunday August 1st!
At The Harvest Center (Grow Generation) Hydro Store
2420 Athens Ave, Redding, CA

I'll see you...

Jul 21, 2021

GrowCast Podcast's new summer schedule: 1x episode per week, dropping on Monday <3

Be sure to hit for more GC Content than any human could reasonably handle :D

We're coming to a city near you! Travel Dates:
-July 24th, Harrisburg IL, 3Mile Farm
-July 31st, Sacramento CA,

Jul 19, 2021

Good friend of the show and cultivation data fanatic David K from Agrify is back on the program! Today he's here for an extremely enlightening and information-packed episode all about the science behind legacy cultivation practices. David talks about some seriously hot button issues, and shares the data that...

Jul 17, 2021

Doctor Coco returns to the podcast! Today he is on the show to discuss the topic of his roots- coco! Dr. Coco goes deep into the benefits of coco growing, as well as the drawbacks. Coco discusses the unique aspects of coco including it's tendency to grasp onto magnesium and calcium, while releasing sodium, and what that...