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Dec 20, 2020

Truly one of the most beloved members of Team GrowCast Marybeth Sanchez returns to the show for an incredibly informative episode covering a wide variety of grow topics. Marybeth gives us an update on the autoflower grow she has going and gives her thoughts on the already extremely well-received Mandalorian Genetics- specifically the Anvil. The conversation then turns towards living soil, and Jordan and Marybeth have a back-and-forth about bokashi and integrating it into cannabis grows. This leads to a conversation about competing organisms in soil, and Marybeth gives a few good guidelines for living soil cultivators. Then Marybeth discusses something that is incredibly underutilized in the cannabis world; air layering, or air cloning. This is a process where the cutting's roots are developed while it's still attached to the plant, and the resulting clone is much larger and more vigorous when taken into its own container. Marybeth also talks about her work in the Slack chat, and all the funs things that GrowCast has planned for 2021!

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