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Jul 29, 2022

*DENVER MEETUP THIS SUNDAY JULY 31st! Come on down to The Coffee Joint in Denver, CO at 1130 Yuma Court from 4:20pm to 7:10pm! It's a GrowCast Meetup and genetics swap- bring some rosin to consume inside legally :D See you Sunday growmies!*

Today's episode is a WILD one folks- we are happy to introduce two new guests, Mike and Matt, who hail from a very unique place. Area 420 is a collective grow operation comprised of 420 acres of cannabis cultivation land in the high alpine desert of Colorado. Listen to the incredible story of Mike, who strives to create an incredible coalition of craft cannabis farmers who can go toe to toe with the big corporate multi state operators. Mike also shares the history of the towns local to Area 420, and points out the incredible benefits that the cannabis industry revenue has brought to these long forgotten towns. We also speak to Matt, the creator of Brainstrap Genetics and a lead grower at The Flower Factory Area 420. Matt is a great friend of GrowCast, and he talks about his incredible story going from a humble breeder who's given away thousands of seeds to now running The Flower Factory at Area 420 and helping push the entire project forward as well! Be sure to stay tuned for an Area 420 travel vlog dropping soon too...

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