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Jan 17, 2023

An instant classic episode today- good friend of the show Molokai Kevin debuts on the main podcast for the first time! Kevin is a multi decade cannabis grower who specializes in outdoor soil gardening- and is currently living on the Hawaiian desert island of Molokai. Kevin talks about how Hawaii has changed over the years, and shares some wild stories of guerilla growing and running from the law back before legalization swept over the state. He also discusses the differences between growing on Molokai and other islands, emphasizing the incredible power of the rich jungle soil on islands like Oahu. This leads to a conversation about microbes, and Kevin gives a history lesson his favorite microbial input known as BAM (beneficial anaerobic microbes) and how it impacted the soil growers of Hawaii. Kevin wraps the show by talking about some legendary Hawaiian strains like Molokai Frost and Hawaiian Duckfoot...

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