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Jun 27, 2022

First time guest and old school Oklahoma grower OK Calyx joins the podcast for an awesome episode about the history of cannabis in Oklahoma, and how it shifted from a harsh black market state to the current cannabis epicenter. OK Calyx talks about the days of growing underground, how hard the police were on cannabis, and how limited the genetic availability was to cultivators. He also talks about how he had to live in secret with his own medicinal use of cannabis, having transitioned from harmful pharmaceuticals and alcohol to medical cannabis usage. Calyx also discusses the breeding work that he is doing, largely revolving around multiple blueberry crosses- working with both the BlueBerry Muffin and Blueberry TrainMac, among other strains. OK Calyx has a "hard out" as they say in broadcasting- but assures us he will return for a part two soon to discuss more about his KNF work!

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