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Nov 20, 2023

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We continue our nutrient deep dive from a different angle this time- Nik from Rooted Leaf is BACK! Today we are taking a look at light independent cycles, how our plants metabolism changes during the lights off period, and more. Nik recaps photosynthesis for us and talks about how the role of photosynthesis plays into what happens in the dark period. This leads to a conversation about the Calvin cycle, which is a metabolic process that plants utilize independent of light. Nik talks about how the main energy source for the plant changes during this cycle, highlighting the role of mitochondria in producing energy for the plant as a whole. Nik also discusses the history of the Calvin Cycle, as well as other cycles such as the Krebs, or citric acid cycle. Nik lets us know what this means as far as our grow strategy, and when the optimal time is to feed your plants, chop them down, etc.

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