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Feb 21, 2022

From Good Gear Seed Co we have Bruce and Chris on the line for the very first time! Straight from the Hawaiian Islands, the Good Gear guys educate the GrowCast Universe on the history of Hawaiian genetics, and their incredible impact on California, and the rest of the weed world. The boys discuss the many big players in Hawaii who helped propel the scene forward, including The Flyin' Hawaiian and a man from Molokai known only as "The General." This leads to a great conversation about the legendary Molokai Frost, a strain from Molokai which has been coveted for years. Chris and Bruce discuss how Molokai Frost differs from other cultivars, when it comes to it's light cycle needs, and apparently down to a genomic level. The guys also discuss the great work that they have available through the Good Gear website, and where they plan on taking the company in the coming years as the cannabis industry expands further and further.

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