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May 15, 2023

PESTAPALOOZA! is coming to Long Island and San Diego! All day Pest Fest with Matthew Gates and Jordan River - In depth IPM Class - QnA Learn n' Burn - Fully Catered Afterparty - Gift bag LOADED with goodies! Grab your tickets today!

Wonderful GrowCast Team Member and IPM specialist Marybeth Sanchez is back on the program for an IPM overview just in time for spring! Marybeth talks about getting your garden started outside, and timing both your cannabis planting and your flower/veggie planting. This leads to a conversation about companion plants, and which plants are good for repelling pests as well as attracting pollinators. The discussion turns towards pest sprays, and MBS gives a power ranking from most nuclear to most gentle and effective. From sulfur sprays to oil sprays and enzymes and more, Marybeth extrapolates on some pest management nuances that may change the way you garden forever... MBS wraps up the show by talking about her favorite spray, The Amazing Doctor Zymes, and how to best utilize this unique and gentle pest spray...

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