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Sep 18, 2023

Dr. Grenskye formerly from Red Scare Seed Co now of Garden Goblin Genetics joins the show again! Grenskye tells us about his brand switch, and how he is moving away from his old name and onto a new project with some new genetics to boot. He talks about resurrecting some of his old Kashmir work, and how he is going to drop a variety of crosses with his new brand. The good doctor goes on to discuss his work in peppers- both growing and breeder. He talks about his fondness of different species, and how he incorporates them into his garden and diet. Dr. Grenskye also elaborates on the work he has done on his farm- referencing all the way back to his first appearance when he was first starting the regeneration process on his farm. Now, his farm is starting to take off, and the soil is becoming both rich with nutrients and alive with microbiology...

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