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Jun 20, 2022

The one and only Dr. Coco from joins the show for an incredible explanation of the history of horticultural lighting. Starting all the way back with incandescent technology in the 1800s, Dr. Coco talks about the lighting advancements that took us into the 1900s like fluorescent technology, and eventually HPS high intensity discharge bulbs. Dr. Coco talks about the development of street light techonology, and how grow lights originated from this tech that was intended to put a lot of light into large areas at night. He also breaks down the exact differences between metal hallide, ceramic metal hallide, high pressure sodium, and more. This of course all culminates in the creation of LED technology which is now far and away the best lighting option- Dr. Coco explains why that is unlikely to change for some time, but also speculates on new lighting tech stating: it's hard to imagine what we can't imagine yet!

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