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Apr 18, 2022

*Apologies for rough audio, we are rebuilding the studio as we speak- we will be back to our normal workflow shortly!*

Not only do we have Nathan from Red Scare Seed Co back on the line, but we also have his amazing partner Kendall from Fractile Ridge Farms on the show! Today Nathan and Kendall are here to discuss how medicinal cannabis saved their lives, and the work they are doing in both breeding and medicinal product production. Kendall talks about her personal health journey, which brought her to a place where she would study and master the art of making medicinal cannabis tinctures and salves. She discusses some of the more unique strategies she employs to create these products, and also briefly discusses some of the other most effective plant medicines that she employs. Nathan and Kendall also discuss afghan cannabis lineage, and they express just how special the afghan lines are to them when it comes to hunting and finding the true pain relieving medicine that they need. The conversation turns to self care and avoiding burnout before the trio wrap the show with a discussion about the upcoming cultivator's cup...

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