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Jan 17, 2022

On the line from Cultured Biologix, microbiology and organic fertilizer expert Tim join the program to talk about the inception of his line, the importance of carbon in cannabis farming, and more. Tim discusses how carbon is often overlooked in his mind as a necessary soil input that is drastically underutilized in traditional agriculture. He extrapolates on the liberal use of humic acids, and the benefit that comes from applying this form of carbon to the soil with regularity. He also talks about where his work differs from that of traditional academic agriculture, and how he is specifically working on formulations for cannabis production. Tim also dives deep into sourcing of humic acid, and what it means to get a high quality humic and fulvic product. He also shares a story about a grower who is mixing two different organic nutrient lines (FOOP and Cultured) to see amazing results in his cannabis garden...

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