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Mar 20, 2023

PESTAPALOOZA! is coming to Long Island and San Diego! All day Pest Fest with Matthew Gates and Jordan River - In depth IPM Class - QnA Learn n' Burn - Fully Catered Afterparty - Gift bag LOADED with goodies! Grab your early bird pricing tickets today!*

World renowned cannabis IPM expert Matthew Gates is back on the show to do an in depth exploration of all things RUSSET MITES. These worm-like little creatures wreak havoc on your grow and can cause total crop loss if not handled correctly. Matthew gates talks about mites in general and how they behave, as well as the differences between the two most common cannabis oriented microscopic mites- broad mites and russet mites. This turns the conversation towards insect identification, and Matthew shares exactly how to identify the worm shaped russet mite under a scope, as well as the fatter, football shaped broad mite. Actual plant symptoms are also discussed, with the first infected plants to exhibit the worst leaf clawing, warping and twisting - followed by the telltale "rust" that accompanies the russet mite (sometimes also called the rust mite). Synchangel also extrapolates on how these microscopic mites breed, highlighting the importance of understanding the reproductive cycle of the pest you're trying to combat. Dormancy and hibernation is a threat as well, with the russet mite producing a particular type of female when environmental factors are reached that allow the population to overwinter. Matthew wraps the show by talking about environmental factors such as heat influencing how fast the pests in your tent reproduce- and how fast they decimate your precious flowers...

Community Cup: OKLAHOMA! Education - Cannabis Cup - Homegrower Showcase - Grab your early bird tickets for just $20! (med card required for Judges Pass and Homegrower Showcase - NO CARD REQUIRED for general admission!) Speakers: Brandon Rust, OK Calyxx, Touched by Cananbis, Nik Nikolayev, Pharmerjohn and MORE!

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