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May 13, 2024

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After a hit first episode, Doug and Leanne from Hygrozyme are BACK! Today Team Hygrozyme joins us for an entire episode about ROOT PATHOGENS. I cannot personally tell you how many times I've seen these pathogens misdiagnosed as a nutrient deficiency. Doug discusses his work in the lab where he starts by individually testing specific antagonistic compounds on living samples of these pathogens in vitro. Once he has found 3 or 4 top candidates for anti pathogenic substances, Hygrozyme enlists real life field tests to see if the new compound is effective when the rubber meets the road. Leanne gives us a tease as to what the newest product in the line is going to be- being dubbed with the amazing name "Hygropunch!" Our two guests also explain exactly what it takes to maintain healthy, clean root systems- and highlight the importance of keeping your medium free of necrotic material and other things that invite in the worst pathogens that you would never want to see in your garden!

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