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Mar 21, 2022

The Rhino is BACK baby! Rhizo Rich returns to the main podcast after a long hiatus trapped in the lab, breeding and working his tail off for the GC Members. Rhizo talks about the insane pollination he undertook for the Peachquake drop, and the guys do some in depth strain reviews from some of this seasons strains- including everything from Pink Certs, to Tropicana Smash Melons, Grandaddy Cherry, a classic Gorilla Glue, and many more. Rhizo also discusses the next EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE pheno hunt he is embarking on, and also how he is changing up his gardening setup. This leads to a conversation about organic soil container size, and Rich discusses why after many years of doing organic container growing, he will be moving back to a living soil bed type setup. *Rhizo Rich will also be donating a portion of the Peachquake Pollination profits to a Rhinoceros Wildlife Preservation charity- something we neglected to mention in this episode!*

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